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Daily Residents

Client wanted a custom butcher block ledge behind their large couch to accommodate drinks and phones so guests did not have to set things on the couch.

In Addition, The client wanted the bar to be redone. We replaced the sink with a gold bar sink with base grate, added a soundproof type back paneling and finished it with a matte black solid floating shelf with integrated light bar.

We purchased large timbers and cut them to size, sanded, painted, routed the centers for a light track to lay in and them secured them using four 5/8, 10 inch hex bolts per shelf.

Next is the Bartop!

In addition to client wanted to add a cat door leading into the basement. Instead of doing something traditional, we added a triangular door that folds back along the cat to come in and out as he pleases with the ability to close to keep them downstairs, while guests are over