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December 3, 2023

We work with a local appliance resale Wearhouse to source lightly used or even NEW appliances for hundreds, even thousands off retail pricing!

We've helped many clients get appliances they loved but were on the fence on spending a fortune!

Everything our supplier receives is rigorously tested and repaired before ever making it to the show floor, and comes with a competitive warranty!

From a Variety of different brands, colors, styles and a constantly rotating inventory. We're positive we can find an appliance you love just like so many clients before you!

These appliances are sourced from places like ABT, Costco, Home Depot, Sears, and more!

When these companies have a customer return an appliance, or replace an appliance or a set, usually, they haul away the old ones. Many times in good working condition. But where do these appliances go?

Why, they are sold!

To suppliers like mine that have made a name for themselves fixing and selling High quality appliances for a much better price! Making it a go to for many clients on the fence about spending a small fortune on appliances or are trying to do a major renovation but would like options to cut costs without having to sacrifice what they want for their dream kitchen!

You won't be disappointed. Let us help you get your Dream appliances today!

They tried it and loved it, so will you!